Led Grow Lights – UFO Best Cheap Stealth Lights

People choose LED grow lights for a variety of different reasons, not least the fact that they can save you money on electricity bills. Because they don’t waste energy, LED grow lights have proven to cost half as much as other forms of lights, for example, HID grow lights. LED grow lights don’t need cooling or ventilating, which reduces the amount of energy that is used. If you use LED lights, you can expect them to last much longer than other lights, as the life span of them is thought to be around seven years! This is much longer than other forms of lights, which will save you money in the long term, as you won’t have to regularly replace them.


If you’re bothered about protecting your plants rather than how much money you save, LED grow lights are perfect for that too. As well as saving you money, they also protect the plants because they produce less heat. Therefore, they’re unable to burn the plants even if they get very close. You won’t have to water your plants as regularly either, because the temperature around them won’t be very high.

Another reason why people who are growing plants chose LED lights is because they’re very quiet compared to other lights. You may have found from your own experience that various light systems make a buzzing sound, which can be annoying and tedious over time. This is ideal if you’re growing plants in an area that you spend a lot of time in, as there’s nothing worse than a constant buzzing sound all day long!

LED grow lights deliver the light and heat that plants need to grow perfectly, and they do it in a very safe way. The bulbs aren’t fragile, so you won’t have to worry about them smashing if you drop them anywhere. While other fluorescent bulbs contain harmful substances, LED lights don’t contain mercury and other such substances. Of course, this means that even if the bulbs do smash, no harm is likely to occur.


The general LED grow lights review trend seems to favor the best LED grow lights for sale from brands like UFO as being one of the best ways to grow.  Especially if you need a high power, full spectrum light with minimal heat, like for a stealth grow.  This type of lighting works well with hydroponics systems because plants retain more moisture with LEDs and are perfect indoor.  Many commercial grow ops use advanced LEDs and CREE LEDs.  Whether you need a 1000w, 600 watt or just 3w light, you can usually find it cheap on discount or for sale online.  You can even choose different colors and varieties like blue, red, high output, NASA, top rated, new, Haight solid state, 90w, small, 6w, Eloofa, Lighthouse and other top brands.

However, LED grow lights do have complications, like everything you will come across while gardening. Unlike other systems, you can’t simply replace an individual LED light if something goes wrong with it. In most cases, you will find yourself having to replace the entire system even if just one bulb has stopped working. This can be a hindrance and a big disadvantage of this type of lighting system, but remember that the lights don’t often break and you can expect to replace the system only once every seven years.

LED grow lights can also be more expensive to purchase than other types of lights. While it can be difficult to get a lump sum of money to first buy the lights, think of the money that you will save on your electricity. The best way to decide whether LED lights are for you or not is to weigh up the pros and cons and your individual situation. If you feel that you can afford to buy LED lights, you will find that many will recommend that as the way forward because of the incredibly cheap costs of electricity.

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